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Also recommended is Rynek Underground, beneath the Cloth Hall, which showcases unearthed treasures from medieval times. Many museums offer free entry on Mondays or with the Krakow Card see below. Want to discover what life was like in Communist times? Visit underground bomb shelters and administrative offices, sample a traditional dinner and study the stark architecture. The Krakow Card krakowcard. For more information about the city, go to krakow. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. By posting your comment you agree to our house rules.

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This Crowded Night and Other Stories

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More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. TravelMail Partners. The Kushtaka are shape-shifters half-man, half-otter that lure women and children to water with fake cries in order to steal their human spirit — and drown them. The story of Slaughterhouse Canyon takes place during the Gold Rush. During the s, there was a family who lived down in the canyon.

They were very poor, so the father would venture out into the canyon for food for his family. As you might have guessed, one day the father did not return, so his family slowly starved and descended into madness. The mother, unable to bear listening to her children's cries anymore, put on her wedding dress, murdered her children, and then threw them into a nearby river. The next day she succumbed to starvation herself.

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The legend states that if you go down to Slaughterhouse Canyon at night, even now, you will hear the loud, anguished cries of the mother who lost her mind. He's commonly accepted to be around seven or eight feet tall and covered in hair. Legend says that he roams the creeks of rural Arkansas.

He was first spotted in , when people reported seeing a "wild man. People still claim to spot the Boggy Creek Monster today , and he has been the subject of five feature length films including 's " The Legend of Boggy Creek. The Char-Man's origin story is gruesome — a father and son were both caught in a house fire and horribly burnt in After the fire, the son became so mentally unstable that he flayed and hung his father. When the police found the son, he was so unrecognizably burnt they didn't realize he was alive, so he ran away before they were able to arrest him for the murder of his father.

Ever since then, the Char-Man is still spotted wandering the woods surrounding Ojai, occasionally approaching tents of innocent campers, or pretending to be a hitchhiker and then attempting to attack them. Ranging from a Hell Gate, to ghosts of slaves hanging from the trees, the stretch of road is decidedly spooky.

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The creepiest story, though, is that of the phantom jogger. One day, there was a driver who hit a jogger, freaked out, and left him for dead. Now, it's said that if you park at the site of the crash, you'll hear disembodied footsteps getting closer and closer to your car. People have reported hand prints on their windows and banging noises as if someone was kicking the outside.

Known as the " Wicked Witch of Monroe ," Hannah Cranna gained a reputation as a witch in the 19th century when her husband died by mysteriously falling off a cliff — and locals reportedly believed that she had bewitched him. Hannah lived till the age of 77, but right before she died, she asked to be carried down to the cemetery in her coffin by foot, not wagon. When the townspeople returned to her home, it was found to be engulfed in flames, sealing Hannah's reputation of witchcraft. While not a particularly mean spirited ghost, the story of Samuel Chew is still disconcerting.

Chew was the chief justice of the Delaware Supreme Court in While he was alive, he didn't always get the respect he deserved — people frequently made fun of his name by mimicking sneezes while he walked by. After his death, people reported seeing his ghost sitting under a poplar tree, wandering the courthouse, and generally creeping out the residents of Dover. Chew would also pull on men's coattails and give women a cold, icy feeling. The phenomenon that happens at Spook Hill is real: cars that are parked in neutral will appear to roll uphill. Legends say the hill is either the site of a Native American burial ground or an epic battle of a Native American chief against a crocodile.

But the truth is it's actually just an illusion created by the hill's surroundings. While cars appear to be rolling uphill, they are still just rolling downhill.

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At the bottom of Lake Lanier lies almost fully intact towns, ferries, a racetrack, and multiple cemeteries. The government, in their determination to create Lake Lanier, bought up entire towns in order to clear the space for the lake after they received Congressional approval in However, they just decided to let the water cover up the towns, rather than demolishing them. Now, Lake Lanier has a decidedly eerie feel about it. There have been an unusual amount of freak accidents and deaths on the lake — in , there were 17 deaths alone.

Many of the people who drowned have been recovered. People have reported feeling arms and legs in the water, but have not been able to find them right after, leading people to believe that spirits still roam the lake. Night marchers, according to Hawaiian lore , are not evil spirits, but they do demand respect.

They are spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors who march around the islands to protect sacred areas. Legend says that if you look directly at a night marcher you will be marked for death. And, if by some chance, you find yourself in the middle of a procession, you are supposed to lie down in the middle of the road. Water babies are a Native American legend that are found in a couple of different places in America, but most famously in Pocatello at the Massacre Rocks State Park.

The Shoshone tribe was first recorded in and were roaming the Great Plains as early as the s, so it's not clear when exactly this legend originated. Other stories say that these babies grew gills and fins and survived — and now they seek revenge on their mothers by luring unsuspecting victims to their deaths in the river. All throughout the suburbs of Chicago in the '90s, there was a consistent rumor going around elementary schools: there was a creepy man dressed as Homey the Clown yes, from " In Living Color " , driving around in a white van trying to lure kids into it with candy and money.

In some variations he was a kidnapper, in others he was a rapist. But in all variations, Homey left a mark on young Chicago kids in the '90s. The Steps Cemetery is located in the town of Brazil , though the official address is actually disputed. While it's not clear when the stories about the cemetery being haunted began, there are gravestones that date back to the s. The legend states that if someone finds themselves in the cemetery at midnight, they must climb the steps and count to At this point, a ghost of an undertaker will appear and show the person a vision of their death.

People who visited the cemetery in the past have tried to outsmart the supernatural forces in Steps by avoiding the steps altogether. Most likely because of her dark appearance, multiple legends have cropped up around her.

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  7. Others say that if you touch or kiss the statue, you'll be dead within six months. The legend of the Devil's Chair goes like this: an old farmer in Alma refused to sell his land to the city in order to build a new cemetery. Someone got a little too tired of waiting for him to sell, so he was pushed into his own well. Eventually, someone said that there was a terrible smell coming from the well, so the city sent someone to investigate. It was ruled that the well was empty, and it was boarded up.

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    Now, if you make your way to Alma, you can actually sit on the boarded-up well, but legend says that people who have sat on the well have been known to mysteriously disappear. There's no clear consensus on how the Goat Man came to be — some say he was a circus freak, others say he was a farmer who tortured his goats for Satan, and in return was transformed into a hideous goat monster. However, everyone does agree on his appearance: dark fur, pale skin, goat legs, and horns. The monster is said to hide under the bridge at Pope Lick Creek in Louisville and lure people onto the train tracks, only to see them be hit by oncoming trains.

    Sadly, this urban legend has had some dangerous consequences. In , an Ohio woman fell to her death from the bridge while looking for the Goat Man.

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    It was a favorite place for teenagers to go and do whatever teenagers do, until they learned the about the Grunch. The Grunch are rumored to be a group of deformed half-human, half-monsters that resulted from years of isolation in the Louisiana bayous. In the present day, it's said that if you find yourself on Grunch Road, don't get out of your car if you see a goat who looks injured. The stories say that the Grunch use goats to lure people out of their cars so they can eat them and drain their blood.

    The tomb of of Colonel Jonathan Buck in Bucksport bears a mysterious leg-shaped stain.