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Why not check out where it began, with Robert Kirkman's acclaimed comic series?

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The first volume , which was released last year, covers what we've seen on the show so far, albeit with some notable differences that might make you curious. But if you want a cheat sheet to see what could be coming up with our beloved or not survivors, this big, honking book is a really great start. Steve Martin: The Television Stuff. Basically, let Steve Martin show you how it's done. All those things that Martin did in the '70s and '80s that were awesome?

It's all in this DVD set. Except for The Jerk , because that was movie stuff and not television stuff. But watch this with this in mind: Steve Martin is a philosophy guy.

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I just really, really, really want as many people as possible to know that there are funny guys out there Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy who have found the proper way to mock a movie while it's going on. But also, it's a really great way to inexpensively supplement other possible DVD gifts or even movies that are already owned by the giftee in question! You can download tracks yourself, or give a gift certificate and let the giftee choose. So, you sold out and went the Cliff's Notes route in high school when you were supposed to learn Shakespeare?

Memorized the prologue from Romeo and Juliet , then peaced out for the year? It's time to come back to Elizabethan English -- the kickass way. IDW now has three volumes worth of Shakespearean literature for you in a colorful comic format, and it's available in basically every single way you can read a comic.

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