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Don't start a business instead start a movement with a social cause, that is designed to solve a social problem, and a way to solve that manifests as mean of a business. Really beautiful concepts. Loved it a lot.

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Jun 29, Muktesh rated it it was amazing. Great Book! Sri Sri made management so Simple.

1. \"Don't bring a problem without a solution\"

Very nice. Oct 19, Raman rated it it was amazing. Good book self management is the mantras Aug 27, Rajat Bansal rated it liked it.

For detailed review, My blog post. Nov 26, Vishal rated it it was ok. Interesting and vague advice The ideas discussed are good but without a clear say of implementation. You might get a better understanding of meaning of spirituality in modern concept. It also tries to sell AOL programs which I did not like.

Overall an average read, gives you a few good ideas though. The tips are good, but nothing you wouldn't know. It's a good reinforcement of the basics and gives you strength to follow these tips. Anurup rated it liked it Nov 26, Ajay Prasad rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Ravikiran Bhat rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Ganesh Sundaram rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Ravi Verma rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Vedant Agrawal rated it liked it Apr 13, Sasikumar T rated it liked it May 14, Shashank Chiripal rated it liked it Jun 09, Yogesh rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Raghavendra Nagaraja rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Surabhi Agarwal rated it it was amazing Aug 28, Arun rated it it was amazing Oct 05, So you will end up learning by doing, and also by listening to others' conventional wisdom about how to lead your team.

The intention surrounding this platitude is good. If you take it apart, it means you should guide your people to be proactive and thoughtful.

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They should know that you expect them to spend a few minutes thinking through how to approach an issue. You can't help them think about the bigger picture or prevent them from wasting time going down a known dead end.

5 Change Management Mantras To Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Even more alarming is that if your employee sees a problem she doesn't know how to address, she might be afraid to tell you about it. This means that messes are hiding in plain sight. You will never know about them. None of this adds up to an inspiring culture. Instead, ask your employees to come up with a few first steps about how they approach a problem before they come to you.

Responding to competition in this way means little more than doing more of what everyone else does. The Law of Diminishing Returns ensures that competition by means of cost cutting, staff reductions, overseas outsourcing, and the like will only work for a limited time. Once everyone is running headlong down this same track, additional cuts must swiftly become so deep that they start to harm the business itself.

There is always a limit.

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And the closer you get to that limit, the less return you get for the same level of savings. In their arrogance and folly, they have challenged one another to stay longest on a path that can only lead to misery on a truly colossal scale. There is always an alternative—in this case, a far better one. Doing more of the same can be replaced by doing something different.

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  7. Ethics, Schmethics! Standards of ethics in business have not advanced much in decades, despite all the fine words and codes of practice. Sadly, while more people seem to be talking about ethics, there is precious little sign that any of the talk is turning into action. It seems that no one in business itself is taking much notice of the clamor from the public at large for higher ethical standards and fewer scandals.

    Nor has there been any significant progress on other matters of fairness and equality.

    Being more productive means first learning what and how to manage on a daily basis.

    Ethics is the application of reason and intelligence to issues of right and wrong. Their god is expediency and their ethical standards are more elastic that rubber bands. Ethics matter. Forget the codes of professional practice and compliance officers. What we need is more good, strong, moral outrage: the kind that gets politicians thrown out of office and forces dishonest business leaders to face spend some honest time reflecting on their lack of probity. Adrian Savage is a writer, an Englishman, and a retired business executive, in that order.

    He lives in Tucson, Arizona. You can read his other articles at Slow Leadership , the site for everyone who wants to build a civilized place to work and bring back the taste, zest and satisfaction to leadership and life. His new book, Slow Leadership: Civilizing The Organization , is now available at all good bookstores. Seth writes about lifestyle tips on Lifehack.

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    4. Read full profile. You were in the middle of a dream in which [insert celebrity crush of choice here] is serving you breakfast in bed only to be rudely awakened by the harsh tones of your alarm clock. This is not the time to be making decisions about whether or not you should stay in bed!

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      And yet, most of us leave the first decision of our day to be made in a blur of partial wakefulness. If you want to be a consistently early riser, try making your decision to rise at a specific time before you go to sleep the night before. Instead of making a decision, you have only to follow through on your decision from the night before.