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Ritalin when I was 12 for a month. I really think I need help with resources to help me with rent while I get some very much needed medical attention to help me get focused, get my license insurance, and a way to relearn how to learn without having anxiety attacks daily. I know most may have moved on but I really needed to get that out. I've been through a lot and being a drug user I don't even know what to ask for and if I would even get it.

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It needs to be something that is stronger than normal cause my tolerance naturally is way more than most since I have been self-medicating my whole life. Goodnight lol.. I really am going through it. Now should I be worried about brain fluids coming out my nose? I been physically working harder than I ever have the last few weeks.

I'll tell yeah should I be worried no headaches or nothing ever but my thought process makes it very hard to learn and maintain in work involvement. It can be and I do ok but I'm always late and confused. After three weeks, it was as if a light bulb had turned on. My daughter came to me saying she was ready to go back to school. Doctors okayed it and we have never looked back. We are so extremely lucky!! She has since returned to soccer and has a scholarship to play for a D1 college next year. I am so fearful watching her play.

I fear that she could receive another TBI due to the level of play. I will never be comfortable after that experience Hi Sheila, wow. Thanks for sharing your experience and how your daughter has recovered. Very lucky indeed. Just a thought: have you had any personal trauma work after this event? To address the fear you have now of her playing soccer So your mind stops scanning for the event.

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I do this work myself but there are others using these methods. Best wishes to you! I was jumping my horse in late October of and took a sudden, hard fall to my head after a nasty refusal. I blacked out for a few seconds and then asked my husband where was I and what horse was I riding. After fear, I got a CScan and everything looked fine.

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However, I tripped, fell and hit my head same spot on my tile floor in the Summer of and it knocked me unconscious for I don't know how long minutes or a few hours. I woke up on my own to find blood on the floor. I haven't been the same since. I get mood swings, super angry at nothing and don't remember why I got mad, short term memory loss, tired all the time but then randomly can't sleep.

My head also itches constantly where I hit it, both times, and it has been nearly 7 months since my last fall. I can work, but my focus isn't as clear as it use to be. I can't focus on two things at once like I always did. Does anyone else have this problem or dealing with the same symptoms?? My husband researched and said for me to give it a year to see if it improves as reoccurring TBIs take more time to heal. Do not wait to see a specialist. I waited and now have permanent brain damage.

My light head injury has continued to decline and now 4. Any suggestions, Please?????? I suggest you go to pituitary.


You may have to travel to see one of these doctors, but it is well worth it. Also, you'll probably need an MRI. A CT Scan doesn't offer a high enough resolution. If I drink I can distinguish no effects on me consciously. Like I can't tell when I'm drunk, I "feel" "fine". Which is different and scary. It gives someone who was a boozer frustration as there becomes even less of a point to drink so it makes you ask yourself why even bother. Memories are distorted.

I'll remember an event but remember the details of that event completely wrong. Different hair styles, clothes, weights, things that happened.

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I woke up in a different dimension. So that different dimension pertains to myself as a person as well. I don't feel like I know him, which is strange. Living in a body you don't even know the history of very well.

Different languages as long as I think I've had some training in them are easy to understand and translate in the brain. Which is cool but You'd be surprised. My body sensation is split in two, left and right. My right side is numbed, so taste and smell are effected. I was right handed so everything dominated by the coordination of that hand is effected in a negative way.

I had to relearn to walk right, relearn to write. Relearn my own signature.

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I have the same issue with alcohol. My mind stays crystal clear but my body gets "drunk". Like I stumble or even fall. I just gave up. What's the sense. Also, I don't know if you have this problem, but 1 small drink will give me the worst hangover. Very strange. Successful business, what I thought was a good marriage, looking forward to the next step in life. Came across your TBI story. Been there. Decades ago I was a troop in Vietnam.


Three mortar attacks, been shot at and missed, but decades later as civilian I suffered a brain injury in a fall in my bathroom! Here's wishing you a great transition to, in effect, a whole new life My Best!

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I took a medication for acne that injured my brain. I suffer from really heavy brain fog, constant migranes and preasure in my head, memory issues. I also developed really heavy visual snow and i see really vivid colors when close my eyes.